What will you discover?

The Discovery Center will be a unique, open institution—a gathering place where people of all ages and walks of life will have access to information, technology, shared common spaces and traditional library services. In its central location, it will become the “heart” of our village, bringing fresh energy, activity and economic vitality.

Designed with long-term sustainability in mind, the structure and grounds will provide indoor and outdoor spaces that are light-filled, energetic and harmonious—a celebration of the St. Croix region’s abundant natural beauty. These state-of-the-art facilities will inspire and serve our growing community for generations to come.

The Mission:

To provide people of all ages with the opportunity to access, gather and learn.

“When completed, the Discovery Center will be a civic landmark and a source of pride and inspiration for all residents. A centerpiece of the Osceola downtown, contributing to the economic revitalization of the downtown and sparking cultural and learning activities.”
— Gary Beckmann,
Village President