About Us

Mill Pond Learning Foundation, Inc.

The Mission: To provide people of all ages with the opportunity to access, gather and learn.

The Vision: To promote, raise funds for and provide project leadership in the development and construction of a new facility to replace the current library.

The Campaign: Inspire…Building a Center of Discovery

Mill Pond Learning Foundation, Inc., is a philanthropic 501(c)3 organization established to provide opportunities to access, gather and learn. Its current project is to address the community’s need to replace its highly successful but aging library with a multi-faceted learning center that will provide people of all ages and walks of life with equal access, resources and opportunities to learn.

The Foundation brings together talented and knowledgeable citizens from varied community, civic and governmental groups, working with one voice, to raise funds for this facility.

Mill Pond Learning Foundation Board of Directors

“The Discovery Center will be a place for area residents to gather, network, explore and gain knowledge regardless of age or income level. We are excited about what it will do for our community.”
— Timm Johnson, Mill Pond Learning Foundation President