Be Inspired...


Inspire imagination.

The Discovery Center, home to Osceola’s new library, will inspire children to develop and grow. A special story time area will provide a colorful, creative place for toddlers and their parents (and grandparents!) to gather for a good story and fun activities designed to stimulate and educate eager young minds. When completed, our next generations will have a place to fall in love with reading, setting a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery.


Inspire exploration.

Young adults need a place to dig in—to undertake the serious exploration and research that paves the way to academic growth and achievement. By sharing a campus and pooling resources in the Discovery Center, high school and college students will have access to tools and technology specifically geared toward their needs for exploration, and for creation of content to teach others. What better way to provide our young people with the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence they need to step forward and meet the challenges that lie ahead.


Inspire knowledge.

Discovery Center will provide our community with a vastly expanded offering of resources and services that foster life-long learning. There’s never been a better or more important time to invest in our community resources. More than ever, a library is the place on which people rely for quick, easy—and free—access to information in all forms, whether it’s books, digital media, computer stations or good old-fashioned newspapers.


Inspire community.

The Discovery Center will provide public meeting spaces that are large and flexible to accommodate groups of many sizes. A separate outside entrance will permit community groups to gather even when the library itself is not open. Homeschoolers, book clubs, civic organizations, school groups, seniors and others will all be able to reserve the space on a first come, first served basis—a valuable resource for the entire community. The new center will have exhibit and display spaces that will encourage local artists, museums and other cultural groups to share their works and represent themselves.


Inspire connectivity.

People haven’t really changed all that much over the years, but the way we learn and interact has changed dramatically. Technology that was once a luxury has become a necessity for learning and advancing in our global world. The Discovery Center will ensure that all people—especially the disadvantaged—will have the necessary tools, technology and resources to get connected.


Inspire business.

The Discovery Center will provide important business resources, especially for small business. Following the last great recession, it has become more widely acknowledged that small business provides most of the new jobs in our current economy. The Discovery Center will provide entrepreneurs and other business people with the resources they need to succeed: a business center that’s wired for the 21st century, a space for meetings and training seminars, and excellent customer service and support from library staff. Included in the center will be not only an abundance of business resources, but also a state-of-the-art video conference room and training rooms.


Inspire civil discourse.

The Discovery Center can and should play an important role in the political life of a community. The Discovery Center will provide community members with a place to engage in conversation about issues of freedom, justice and democracy. The center will be pivotal in encouraging civil discourse and informal involvement, while helping citizens become advocates for themselves and others in their community.