Discovery Center Announces $500,000 Challenge Grant

Inspire…Building a Center of Discovery Campaign to raise money for the new Discovery Center has announced a $500,000 Challenge Grant.

“These challenge grant funds are an absolutely marvelous show of support for this project and an exciting opportunity for people to double the value of their contributions,” said campaign chair Mark Kravik.

Fred. C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation has lead the challenge with a second $200,000 gift along with two other community leaders who have pledged funds to bring the Challenge Grant to $500,000 to help build the Discovery Center. The donors’ intent of the gift is to encourage greater participation from the community as we launch the public phase of the campaign.

“Your new donations for the remainder of the year will qualify for these challenge funds, and with this challenge, we can raise another million dollars for this great project,” Kravik said.

Construction has already begun at the Discovery Center site. The Village Hall was demolished and road widening has begun in preparation for construction. The Discovery Center with its many facets – library, senior center, teen spaces, business center and FabLab – addresses many questions about sustaining and strengthening the quality of life, social interaction and learning opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life in the community.

“The more people learn about the Discovery Center and the many ways it will benefit everyone in our community, the more excited they become about the project,” said Kravik. “We’ve been seeing tremendous support all along for the Discovery Center and now here’s another opportunity for more of us to get involved and show support. We still need your help. Remember, that every new dollar pledged will be matched up to $500,000. Help us reach our goal.”

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