Inspire...Building a Center
of Discovery

The Campaign for the Discovery Center

insipre-fundsThe total cost of the project is $6 million, with $4 million being funded by the MPLF campaign and $2 million to be financed by the Village of Osceola. Two-thirds of the funds will be raised through philanthropic donations from corporate and private foundation grants as well as from individual donors.

An investment of time, money or materials in the Discovery Center will help strengthen our community, advance literacy, preserve our cultural heritage, provide a valuable resource for individuals, businesses and community endeavors, and provide people of all ages with an equal opportunity to learn.

Please join individuals, families, corporations, businesses, foundations and the people of our community with your own financial commitment to Inspire…Building a Center of Discovery, the Campaign for the Discovery Center and Library.

mark-kravik “The Discovery Center and the home for our new library are integral parts of our community. We have a responsibility to build it and maintain it for the present
and for the future.”

—Mark Kravik, Campaign Chair


Inspire…Capital Campaign Leadership

Wow facts:

  • Our Library serves 4,651 active card holders; this number has more than quadrupled since 2000.
  • 70% of Village residents are card-holding library members.
  • 1,893 card holders reside in the Village of Osceola; 2,758 live in neighboring communities.
  • In 2013, the library recorded an impressive 34,216 patron visits; more than 6 times the number of patron visits in 2000.
  • Programming has tripled in the last 14 years; attendance has quadrupled.
  • 32,000 children’s materials circulated; doubled in 10 years.
  • 68 children’s programs in 2014; doubled in 10 years.
  • The unemployment rate in Polk County hovers between 8% and 9%.
  • The percent of Polk County children in poverty and students eligible for free/reduced lunches remains the highest in the St. Croix Valley.
  • 2013: 200 community children and 40 teenagers in Summer Reading Program.
  • We have three times as many members per square foot as libraries in nearby communities of Dresser, Luck, Clear Lake, St. Croix Falls, and Frederic.
  • 2000: 48 programs, 920 attendees 2013: 149 programs, 4,158 attendees.
  • Our Library houses 5,000 more books in print, 1,000 more audio materials, and 2,300 more videos than it did in 2000. And the collection continues to grow...
  • ...yet the size of our library (3,140 sq. ft.) has not changed since 1989.